The importance of this service challenged us to develop and use an unprecedented system for the private part of the project, which we call Comprehensive Social and Communications Management (SGS), which analyzed:

? Mapping of Actors by construction phase.
? Analysis of impacts and social risks.
? Preparation of social maps by infrastructure for the Final Engineering Studies (EDI).
? Georeferenced information system

With this new tool we managed to meet all the objectives that we set for ourselves as SCG:

1. Generate a favorable social climate for construction
2. Prevent and manage construction impacts
3. Comply with the commitments assumed by the Concessionaire with the Peruvian State in the EIA and with the international standards required by financial organizations.

Today, 32 kilometers and 6 years later, we are carrying out social management and communication activities throughout the project, which involves conducting environmental monitoring workshops, detailed inspections, training and supervision of subcontractors, handling of complaints, digital communication , communication campaigns for diversion plans and direct coordination with businesses and neighbors in the area of direct influence of the work.

We currently coordinate, register and systematize the Social Management information of this project through DELFOS® in more than 5,500 Stakeholders and 20,000 Interactions. This software, created by SCG, allows us to generate permanent reports of indicators, both for state supervision institutions and for financial organizations.


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