Renewable Natural Resources
and Climate Change

The rational use of natural resources, resilience and adaptability are key to the sustainability of investments that seek to generate positive social and environmental impacts as well as financial returns. We have been invited to participate in renewable natural resource projects developed within the framework of international action against climate change, integrating the social component from the initial stages.

Our work has focused on the environmental and social management of projects related to the management of water resources, bio-businesses, agricultural development and forest landscape restoration in compliance with international performance standards for the management of impact funds. The main lines of action in which we participate are the following:

  • Development of environmental and social management systems
  • Preparation of environmental and social impact studies
  • Advice for the establishment of agreements for the development of projects on communal lands
  • Stakeholder mapping, risk and impact analysis
  • Strategic planning, communications plans, and community relations
  • Workforce and supply chain management
  • Evaluation of institutional capacity for the management of environmental and social aspects
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Advice for compliance with international performance standards
  • Performance audits and action plans to close gaps
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