One of the main sources of risk for the development of a complex project is the lack of a comprehensive and strategic approach in social management.

SCG helps its clients develop an understanding of the environment and social risks, plan and align social management objectives with business objectives and implement the necessary plans to achieve them, generating shared value.

Social Evaluations

Stakeholders Analysis and Key Issues

Social Baseline

Social Risk Assessment

Social Impact Assessment

ESG and Human Rights Due Diligence

ESG Performance Audit

Management Planning and Alignment

Alignment Workshops

Strategic Planning

Design of Social Management Systems

Comprehensive Communication Strategies

Senior Social Advisory



Negotiation of Land and Easements

Community Relations

Conflict Prevention and Management and Crisis Management

Management of Local Opportunities for businesses and enterprises

Stakeholder Engagement and Participation

Prior Consultation and Indigenous Peoples

Integrated Management of Social Information (Delfos)

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